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Fabienne Lasserre, work from 2012-14


We love seeing Women Artists out & about and are so excited that it’s now available in a few shops. You can now pick up a copy at Olive, Myth+Symbol and Kavi Gupta

A handful are still available online too! 

(Images via Caris Reid, Olive, Got a Girl Crush & Myth+Symbol)


22 Badass QTPOC Couples That Make Our Hearts Flutter


In the name of visibility and to honor queer and trans people of color relationships, we present this list of couples we know in real life and that make our hearts flutter on the TV and internetz. The idea for this post started in The Speakeasy Facebook group. Someone posted a link to a story about Brittney Griner proposing to Glory Johnson. In the comments section, we wondered if there were…

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Feminist Art Friday: Harmony Hammond

Pioneering feminist and lesbian artist, critic and curator Harmony Hammond has made a career of combining her activism with her passion for art.  According to The New York Times, “Ms. Hammond was on the front lines of the feminist and lesbian art movement in New York in the early 1970s. She was a founding member of A.I.R., the first women’s cooperative gallery in the city, and of “Heresies: A Feminist Publication on Art and Politics.”

Hammond’s work, which deals largely in abstraction and mixed media, has been shown in exhibitions internationally and is in the permanent collection of museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art,  the Museum of Modern Art, the Walker Art Center, the Brooklyn Museum; the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Phoenix Art Museum. She has also written two books: Wrappings: Essays on Feminism, Art & the Martial Arts and Lesbian Art in America: A Contemporary History, which received a Lamda Literary Award.


(via Consummating the Erotic Art of Two Souls)

Invisible-Exports’ current show represents the agglutination of two transgressive, visionary, and carnal artists born 50 years apart in the 20th century. The collection of Polaroids, collages, and sculpture ushers viewers down a path of twisted eroticism and stitched-together identity that may leave them unnerved, inquisitive, and, most of all, tantalized.


16th? Century book of #astronomy and #astrologycharts with movable vovelles on each page #Holyshithistory #bookheaven @uchicagoscrc


Polly Apfelbaum, “ 2010. ‘feelies’, plasticine and polymer clay


Pia Camil
Espectacular crops, 2012
Hand dyed and stitched silk


Heidi Norton

The Golden Ratio (Configuration #2) (2011)

Wax & mixed media